Van Romaine

Van Romaine

Van has performed, recorded and/or collaborated with ...

  • Ronnie James Dio
  • John Petrucci
  • Vinnie Moore
  • Steve Lukather
  • Steve Vai
  • Spencer Davis
  • Tommy James
  • The Pierces
  • Udo Lindenburg
  • Peter Mafay
  • Deep Purple
  • The London Symphony Orchestra

Select Releases

Angel Fire
The Defiants
The Defiants
Sex and Love
Enrique Iglesias
Outstanding in Their Field
The Steve Morse Band
Prime Cuts
Steve Morse
Prime Cuts Vol. 2
Steve Morse
Live in Baden Baden
Steve Morse
Over Whelmed
Keren DeBerg
Keren Deberg
Hub City Kid
Dave LaRue
Write on Capt'n
Jack McDuff
Adam Holzman
Enrique Iglesias
Made in Germany
Outstanding In Their Field
Steve Morse Band
To The Core
Vinnie Moore
Wilst Du Mit Mir Gehn
Major Impacts 2
Steve Morse
Split Decision
Steve Morse Band
Major Impacts
Steve Morse
The London Symphony Orchestra
Deep Purple
Great Life
Steve Morse Band
TM Stevens
Structural Damage
Steve Morse Band
Adam Holzman
Coast to Coast
Steve Morse Band
Southern Steel
Steve Morse Band
Naughty By Nature
Naughty By Nature



Van with Enrique and Pitbull
Tracking a filmscore
Van w/Brendan Buckley
Van with Arnel Pineda, Billy Sheehan Joel Hoekstra, Ollie Marland & Lenny Castro
Van tracking Name Dropping with the Steve Morse Band
Van tracking with Dave LaRue and Carl Roa
Van tracking John Deere Letter with the Steve Morse Band
Van Romaine in Bavaria with Nena 2018
Van with Enrique Iglesias "Tired of Being Sorry" Isle of MTV (Malta) - Live
Van with Enrique Iglesias - Bailando (English Version) ft. Sean Paul
Van with NENA | Geheimnis [Official Video] [Live 2010]
Van with Nena 99 Luftballons
Van Romaine with Nena August 2016 "Kreis" Gretsch Drums
Van with The Steve Morse Band live 2013 – Stress Fest/Cruise Control
Van with The Steve Morse Band - The Introduction
Van with The Steve Morse Band - Cruise Missile
Van with Steve Vai and Dave LaRue
Van double drumming with Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water (live with Ronnie James Dio)
Van Romaine/The Steve Morse Band- Gretsch
Van with Enrique in Lithuania
Van Romaine Full kit Walk Through



Gretsch USA Custom / Brooklyn / Broadkaster / Renown

  • 5x14 Polished Brass S-0514-BRH
  • 8x10 tom
  • 10x12 tom
  • 14x14 floor tom
  • 16x16 floor tom
  • 18x22, 14x22, 14x24 bass drums



  • featuring personalized rack and G Class Double Pedals (9811SGD-DB)


  • 13" AAX Sound Control Crash
  • 16" AA El Sabor
  • 16", 17", 18" HHX Studio Crash
  • 18,19,20 HHX Extreme Crash, HHX Legacy Crash
  • 18", 19" Artisan Crash, Legacy Crash
  • 18",19", 20" AAX O-Zone Crash
  • Cymbal Stack (20" AAX china bottom,19" AAX O-Zone crash)
  • 12" AAX O-Zone Splash
  • 22" HHX Liquid Ride, 24" AA Apollo Ride, 3 x 22" Sabian Custom Shop Rides (to my specs)
  • 14" Groove Hats, HH Thin, HHX Legacy Hats, 16" AAX X-Plosion Hats

Sky Gel Damper pads



  • LA 5A
  • Acoustiks
  • Heavy Wire Brushes


  • toms: Coated G2, Clear G2, UV1 on top, Clear G1 on bottom or EC Resonant
  • snares: coated G2 on top, snare side 300 hazy
  • kick: EQ4 beater side, EQ1 resonant side
  • Min-EMAD, E-Rings, EQ Pad, EQ Clear Plastic Single Patch

JK Drum Systems


Latin Percussion

  • 6" micro snare
  • 8" micro snare
  • Click HH Tambourine
  • cyclops Jingle Tambourine (Steel/White/Mountable)
  • LP Cajon, Snare style
  • Aspire® Tuneable Djembe, Vintage Sunburst, Chrome
  • Original Bongos
  • Rock Classic Ridge Rider® Cowbell
  • Guira Cowbell, Mountable

  • Roland TD-50
  • Roland BT-1
  • Roland PD-105BK
  • Roland KD-140
  • Roland FD-8
  • Roland RT-10K
  • Roland RT-10S
  • Roland RT-10T
  • Roland SPD-SX
  • Roland PDS-10
  • Roland TM-2
  • apTrigga3.5 — digitalelements

Pro Audio:

  • Babyface Pro


  • Ultimate Ears Pro UE 11s
  • Porter and Davies Tactile Monitor BC2 and BC Gigster

Live Wire Studio

Live Wire Studio is 30 minutes from New York City in West Orange, NJ and was built to adapt to the ever changing music business and budgets. We are here to make a difference and give our heart and soul to your music.

What you can expect

Whether working here with us or remotely you will have full access to my drum collection including all of my Gretsch USA Custom, Brooklyn, Broadkaster kits including 18”, 20”, 22”, 24” kicks and 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18” toms, 100 plus Sabian Cymbals, 50 plus snare drums, every model of Evans Drum Head, my large microphone collection including multiples of every Beyer Dynamic mic all running through Neve, API 3124 and Chameleon LAB 7622 mic pres, RME UFX and Digidesign 192/96 Interfaces. We track in Pro Tools, 12, 10, Logic Pro X and program in Ableton Live depending on the project and are adapt at importing/exporting audio from all digital audio programs. We have a gorgeous warm sounding drum room tweaked and treating with a mixture of wood, custom sound panels by Studio VU and Auralex products that opens up into another tracking room treating similarly. Upstairs we have separate rooms for guitar/bass amps with complete separation.

How it works

Hiring me for online drum tracks would involve you sending an mp3 of the song/songs including whatever ideas you have for the drum parts and production. We collaborate together via video chat/phone to talk music and negotiate a price together that works for you. After you Payal or Venmo ½ of the rate I’d then send you a rough mp3 to make sure we are on target and proceed accordingly until we are locked in on the performance. After settling up with the payment balance I would upload 2 or 3 takes of the multi track sessions which would include either the Pro Tools session or Wave files. If we track with you here at the studio we skip the mp3 process and get straight to multi tracking together. The drum tracks whether uploaded or put on your external hard drive would be the following:

  • Kick in
  • Kick out
  • Snare top
  • Snare bottom
  • Snare 2 (optional)
  • Snare Crotch (a mic over the bass drum)
  • Hi Hat(s)
  • All Tom tracks (separate)
  • Over Head L/R
  • Room mid L/R
  • Room Far L/R
  • Percussion Tracks(if needed) Tambourine/Shakers/Maracas/Bongos/Djembe/Cajon/Congas
  • Electronic Drum Sounds, Loops
  • A mixed, edited stereo drum track to use with your session when negotiated.
  • Other bass, guitar, keys, instrumental, vocal tracks of my session buddies when negotiated.